Unified Communications

Ricoh unified communication system p3500 available at SaraMana Business Products
Ricoh unified communication system p3500 available at SaraMana Business Products
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easily accessible for up to 20 remote locations
  • High-quality audio and HD video for clearer communications
  • Simple, intuitive interface for convenient operation

Share information virtually anywhere at any time

It’s a common scenario: You want to share critical information with your customers and employees, but you don’t have the time or budget to meet everyone in person. Now, you can share your message virtually with audiences in up to 20 locations. Say goodbye to one-dimensional presentations that put everyone to sleep. Instead, combine video, audio, text and interactive media to bring your presentations to life. You can take the UCS with you and set up in moments – no need to worry about lugging around a big piece of equipment.

General Features

  • Keep your audience focused with a high-quality microphone, cancelling out noises
  • Capture your audience with real-life quality, even if you’re in a space with poor lighting
  • Present messages with precision and clarity, with high-quality audio and HD video
  • Make operation convenient with a simple, intuitive interface
  • Ideal for any environment, including business-to-business, educational, healthcare, legal and more
  • Maximize your previous technology investments with a Shared Video Gateway Service (VGS) option, allowing the P3500 to connect with legacy video conferencing systems

Mobile User Features

You don’t have to be in the same room to share the same experience. Choose the UCS P3500 for fast, convenient and affordable meetings with audiences of varying sizes. Simply find an AC power source, a wired or wireless Internet connection and monitor and you can begin your videoconference in about 60 seconds. Connect the UCS P3500 directly to a projector, monitor or TV via VGA or HDMI cable to begin the meeting. Your audience can join in by plugging into another UCS P3500, computer or mobile application, and can navigate key controls with incredible ease — similar to smartphone technology.

Access address books and connect with participants around the world with fast, efficient one-touch control. Use this convenient portable system to share real-time video, audio and document files to a wider audience for less cost without taxing your IT.

Stay connected from a personal computer or many Android® or Apple® mobile devices without purchasing special equipment or hardware.

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